Tips are shorter than articles and not as detailed as a tutorial. Aiming to cover one small topic or subject in a page or two each Tip is a mini How-To for one small aspect of Legato, mangOH boards or the WP8548 processor.

All tips in alphabetical order

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Controlling Application Startup

Sometimes the default startup configuration for a Legato application needs to be changed


How to change the root password

The mangOH board comes with an empty root password. Here's how to change it


How to disable sleep on USB suspend

From Legato version 16.07, the mangOH board goes to sleep when the host suspends the USB connection. Here's how to disable this feature


How to identify Firmware Releases

Firmware on the WP8548 is not a single monolithing 'blob' - and working out what version number means what can be tricky


Spotters Guide to the mangOH Red

How to identify different versions of the mangOH Red just by looking at the board


What Sim is That?

SIM cards come in different sizes - but there are different names for the same size SIM. Confused?